Q (Odata) allows, through one-click, to access to application information directly, does not require complex schemes of access or configuration and can be accessed through a web browser or clients such as Microsoft Excel.

Q (Odata) integrates with management applications and enables a wide range of data to be made available to a diverse number of users via the Web. It is a simple, secure and robust mechanism for access to the information.

From the information contained in the application databases, predefined and determined data sets are available, which can be consulted from various clients and applications, such as Microsoft Excel, data feed or a simple internet browser.

Authentication in the Q (Odata) service ensures that only registered users in the application have access to the data. Authorization permissions are fully configurable by profiles and access levels, and may even be different from those of the application itself.

As a Web service, a layer of security is guaranteed through the HTTPS protocol, which creates a secure communication channel between the data producer and the consumers. All this is guaranteed by the existence of a Digital Certificate for the service.

The user can create maps, reports, pivot tables and graphs using tools integrated in Microsoft Excel (Power Query, Power Pivot, Power Map and Power BI).

Aimed mainly at management and decision processes, the QData service will allow managers and decision-makers to carry out analyzes, reports and strategic maps dynamically, interactively and personalized of the information of your company and your business.